Pre Test Courses

These consist of:

  • An initial assessment of driving skills.
  • Based on the assessment a number of lessons will be recommended to correct any weaknesses in knowledge or skills
  • Mock test on a route in your test area.
  • A follow up lesson if necessary.

Remember in your test you will be expected  to show that you can drive totally unaided and that you can deal with hazards effectively.

It is recommended that you start the pre-test programme as soon as you are issued with your date, usually about 4 weeks before the test. Leaving it any later may mean that it will be difficult to accommodate you if I am busy and may not leave enough time to correct any weaknesses.


Leaving Certificate

Best wishes to all leaving certificate candidates but especially those who drive with CarL‘s School of Motoring. I hope all goes well for you during the next 3 weeks.

9th Birthday for CSM

Today is CarL‘s School of Motoring’s 9th birthday. The first lesson was conducted on 26th October 2006 and since then hundreds of new drivers have been educated