Pass the driving test

The driving test can be an unnerving experience. There is no guarantee that you will pass and sometimes even the most competent and confident drivers will fail either because of an unexpected incident during the test or sometimes nerves can get the better of you. However, there are a few simple things you can do to improve your chances of passing.


Make sure you are properly prepared.

If you are not ready don’t do it! Remember you must give 10 clear days’ notice of cancellation otherwise you lose your fee and have to apply all over again.


Make sure your vehicle:
  • Has a valid tax disc on display
  • Has a valid insurance disc on display
  • Has a valid NCT certificate on display if applicable (cars over 4 years old need an NCT)
  • Has L plates displayed on the front and rear
  • Has seat belts that are in working order
  • Has head restraints on all seats including the rear seats (your tester may be accompanied by a supervisor who will sit in the back).
  • Is smoke free.
  • Has tyres which are in good condition (correct inflation and tread depth).
  • Windscreen wash is full.
  • All bulbs are in working order


If your vehicle does not comply with these conditions you may not be taken out on the test.


Make sure you:
  • Bring your permit
  • Bring your appointment letter or copy of the e-mail confirmation.
  • Arrive in good time so that you can:-
  • Find a suitable place to park
  • Have time to relax/visit the bathroom


Start Well – Theory and Technical Checks – First Impressions are Important

Before you go out for the drive the tester will ask you a few questions on the Rules of the Road and will show you some road signs and/or road markings. Make sure you have studied these and can answer them accurately and confidently. Get off to a good start by impressing the examiner with your knowledge!!


At the car the tester will ask you to open the bonnet and will ask you how to perfom some of the safety checks. Make sure you know how to do them.


Inside the car the tester will ask you to demonstrate some of the secondary controls e.g. lights, washer/wipers, demist. Make sure you know how to operate these controls and use them during your test if necessary.

Leaving Certificate

Best wishes to all leaving certificate candidates but especially those who drive with CarL‘s School of Motoring. I hope all goes well for you during the next 3 weeks.

9th Birthday for CSM

Today is CarL‘s School of Motoring’s 9th birthday. The first lesson was conducted on 26th October 2006 and since then hundreds of new drivers have been educated