Beginner’s Courses – Essential Driver Training programme

Before you can begin the Essential Driver Training (EDT) programme you must have passed the theory test and obtained your learner permit.


EDT consists of 12 units and further details of these can be found elsewhere on this site or on the RSA website.

Beginners courses will cover the following aspects of driving:


  • Get to Know Your Car – how to do roadworthiness checks, how to perform the cockpit drill (setting up the car for your individual needs), learn the function and use of all the controls.
  • Starting to Drive – starting the engine, preparing to move off, starting and stopping, changing gears.
  • Mirrors and Signalling – how to use the Mirror Signal Manoeuvre procedure and how to signal properly to inform other road users of your intentions.
  • Correct Road Positioning – how to position the car correctly on the road, taking bends, negotiating junctions and roundabouts.
  • Adjusting Speed – how to adjust the speed of the car to suit road and traffic conditions.
  • Manoeuvring  at Slow Speeds – turning the car, reversing around the corner, parking.
  • Reading the Road/Anticipating problems/Negotiating hazards – how to scan the road ahead to recognise potential hazards and develop techniques to deal with hazards.
  • Driving on Dual Carriageways – entering and leaving dual carriageways, lane position, changing lanes safely.
  • Driving at Night – how to deal with the hazards of night time driving.


Leaving Certificate

Best wishes to all leaving certificate candidates but especially those who drive with CarL‘s School of Motoring. I hope all goes well for you during the next 3 weeks.

9th Birthday for CSM

Today is CarL‘s School of Motoring’s 9th birthday. The first lesson was conducted on 26th October 2006 and since then hundreds of new drivers have been educated